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News: Michigan Rottie Owner Goes To Jail For 6 Months For Dog Killing 3 mo Baby


I found this of interest because it shows how bad ownership gives animals bad names...and this owner gets served over a year later.

Alexis Cox, Kylie's (the 3 month old baby) mother, had taken her baby to a friend's house where there was a group of people. She supposedly left the baby with a friend in the living room while she (the mother) went to the kitchen to heat a bottle because upon arrival, the baby was fussing.

Christopher Fura (a young kid himself) who was at the house had brought his rottweiler, Chopper, to the house as well. Fura and his stepbrother, Jason Winters, had owned the 120 pound dog for 10 days when they brought it to the house where the baby was located. The mom was in the kitchen when Chopper suddenly attacked Kylie biting her head as the baby sat in her car seat, killing the baby.

Fura KNEW Chopper was aggressive (in the 10 day period of ownership) - he had already been bitten Fura and aggressed another child as well as getting into a fight with another animal. Chopper was not on leash at the time he attacked the baby.   

Fura was just sentenced to jail for 6 months and 3 years probation and was orderered not to own animals during that time.

You know, we hear stories about kids who taunt our pups and get bit (or not). But this story was so sad because a 120 lb rottie fell into the hands of a KID, because it was "cool"? and an innocent infant was mauled to death in just seconds due to ignorance. But the silver lining is that this guy will see bars for being an idiot and that is a relief - all too often, responsible pet owner get frustrated by the idiocy of irresponsible humans who think dogs are for the coolness factor.

Chopper was put down by animal control.

This just depresses me. I'm glad the owner is being held resposible, but the utter horror involved for everyone (including the dog, who clearly had to have been abused at some point to behave this way) makes me gut-sick.

That poor mother . . .

Me too...glad the kid is being held accountable. Heck, my 170 lb mammoth (small, i know), required extensive training to be able to walk beside me on loose leash like a good boy.

I feel so sad for the mom, but it still fuels the silliness that all big dogs are bad. They aren't...

I tried to explain to my son the other day:

Training a mastiff to be agressive requires work because it isn't in their temperment naturally. Training a rottie to be non-aggressive might be a little bit of a task because they are more aggressive by nature. Responsible owners KNOW their breeds (or mixes), I would hope. Its why our Odin makes the best house dog ever.

Guard dog? not so much. LOL :P

That is so sad for everyone involved.    My dogs are great animals and have never shown aggression to people but I still watch them closely around new people especially children.


--- Quote from: KiraNGunnersmom on November 14, 2008, 01:41:33 pm ---That is so sad for everyone involved.    My dogs are great animals and have never shown aggression to people but I still watch them closely around new people especially children.

--- End quote ---
You said it all when you said watching them closely around new people. :) Over the halloween holiday, I had several costumes delivered and one day, I actually answered the door and the post man said he was surprised not to hear the dog barking.....I was in shock. In 4 years, my ODIN has not barked at so much a flea. We actually have to hold up squeaky man (our softie) or a treat in command speak to get a bark! :)

I wonder.....


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