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Just had a surprise visit.

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From the neighbours Newf mix Koda. LOL

I just happened to look out in the backyard and noticed a hairy black dog. I knew he belonged to the neighbour, we've pupsat him before for them. So I grabbed the cordless phone and went outside to call them and keep him in our yard until she got here since we live on a busy road. Turns out it's the babysitter, they are not home. One of the kids must have let him out accidentally.

Koda saw Bubba and Lola watching from the patio door and decided he wanted to say hi. Bubba wanted to play sooo bad I could hear him whining through the glass. LOL Even Lola the queen of crabby liked Koda. But Koda is a super happy, super submissive guy so he poses no challenge to her.
So the babysitter shows up and he doesn't want to leave with her. Took her 3 tries to get him in the van. :D He wanted to come in the house with me. LMAO

Sigh.. I need a Newf.  :P

Not to be a tattletale but I'd let the owner know of your surprise visit. The babysitter perhaps needs to be a bit more vigilant. I'd be horrified if I knew my bubs got out under someone else's care. :o   

I was planning on it. ;) Their last dog was hit and killed on this road when she got out of the house. So I know they are super careful. Apparently the babysitter is not.


--- Quote from: Lyn on November 18, 2008, 08:13:16 am ---From the neighbours Newf mix Koda. LOL
Sigh.. I need a Newf.  :P

--- End quote ---
Of course, doesn't everybody need a Newf, sometimes you just need one to visit to tell you that. ;D

LOL I think it's the Newf personality that I'm so drawn to. He loves everyone.

Koda is a Newf/Golden Retriever mix. He looks like a black Golden retriever but his personality is all Newf. I lurve him.  :D


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