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My Husky-any advice?

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Hello everyone! Well first off-congrats-we all made it-its FRIDAY!!!!
So ok,  i need some help! My husky is 9 months old now and he is such a stubborn guy!
I've never had a husky-so this is all new to me. I've read all of the books, and I seach online, but I like to get advice from people that actually have been there!
So...he has a eating problem-he wont eat! I have to mix hamburger into his food periodically just so he'll have some-i know huskies are fussy, but sometimes he wont eat for days! Is that normal? He doesnt seem to sick or anything, but I dont know.
He never got his Kennel cough shot (my vet said that they just "forgot"-needless to say-I go to a different place now), so he cought a cold a while back, and I was waiting for him to completely get over it so I could take him to the vet and get his shot, but now he has little sniffles again-he's not coughing, and he doesnt have anything coming out of his nose, so I dont know whats going on.
And last time I went to the vet I asked if it was normal for male dogs to have some puss-like discharge in their uhmmm "boy" area, and he said its very normal, but i've never had a male dog before, so I'm just a worried mom.
I dont have a problem taking him to the vet,  I just hate spending $50.00 that can go for better use (such as toys and fun treats :) )
Any advice would be appreciated :)
thank you guys!!!!

It seems to me he doesn't have an eating problem and that he's just a picky eater.
My Fwirly will wait to eat till we are finished, just to make sure there isn't something better to eat than what she's getting.  Never mind that she has expensive dog food and mine is much cheaper quality, lol.

Question : is he not eating dog food for days or really nothing for days? No cookies, snacks of some sort, table scraps...   Some dogs scrounge for their food and thus can afford to be picky when it comes to their own food.  To me the best way to test if he truly not wants to eat is try something else like a bit of meat or cheese or anything. I bet he'll eat that.  The other possibility is that he simply doesn't like the dog food you have. Maybe get a sample of a different kind of dog food and see what he does with that.

My dogs don't get a kennel cough shot as I don't board them. They'll sneeze sometimes when they are sniffing a piece of fluff or when the cotton wood is doing it's thing as they sniff the seeds . Could be as innocent as that. 

Well I guess I shouldnt say he doesnt eat at all-he does eat his treats, and he ate a whole bowl of food with hamburger meat mixed in it last night :) so thats good i guess.
I think I might try that BARF thing, I'm not completely sure where to get it though, its just such a challenge for me with him-i've always had great danes, and they would never be so fussy with their food! Live and learn lol-he's a crazy character :)
And I took him to a different vet and they told me that the discharge was ok-and I just asked someone at work and they said thats normal-thats a relief :) I just worry all the time-he's like my kid!
My poor kids (once i have'em) wont be able to go out of the house with out 24/7 supervision lol, they will hate me!
Thank you so much for your guys' help and avice, i really appreciate it!!

Seems Grace had that problem once.  She had a stomach bateria.   If i hadn't taken her to the vet it would have taken up to 2 weeks to go away on it's own.
Dogs will eat their treats even when they're sick.   It's the good for them stuff they avoid.  I won't tell you how I know that ... just call your vet and ask if you should make an appointment or if they think it's nothing serious.

I do that.  I wonder if the "kids" are ok.  What are they doing?  I'm nuts


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