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Static electricity on coat

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When I was furminating Penny last night I noticed there was a lot of static electricity. I think that part of the way that the furminator works is with static cling to get the loose hairs to cling, but this was A LOT. So much that I actually saw a few little blue sparks and could hear the little shocky noise. I was afraid Penny might be able to feel the static shock, but the only way I know to get rid of static is with dryer sheets, which I thought might upset her skin. Any other ideas to get rid of static electricity on fur  ???

People Whisperer:
I get this all the time when the weather gets colder. I use anti-static spay on Lily when I groom her or when she gets static from rubbing on carpets


Thanks for the link. One of the petstores that I go to sells bio groom so I will have to go there this week and look for it  :)

I had almost forgotten about the static that comes with winter.  I try to block out the winter period every year.  Well, today Grace would bounce around and reach out to touch me with that cold nose.  both of us get a sharp little snappy shock.  It scares her at first, then she does it just to do it.

There's cans of stuff called Static guard they sell at the grocery and such. It's mainly used to spray pants or skirts that cling with static. It can also be sprayed on a hair brush and used on yourself or dogs.


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