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We have a new baby at our house


Well, we have a new baby kitten that showed up at our home.  Must only be 4 weeks old.  He fits int eh palm of my daughters hand.  He follows here around everywhere and sleeps on her neck.  Max, my son's dog has become a fierce protector of what my daughter calls "tiger"  I could not very well leave the baby outside defense;ess and hungry so we have brought him inside.  I am not into cats really, but my daughter is so there we have it.  Enjoy the pictures!  Shana

 :D hi every1 I am shanas daughter :) I just need to say that tiger the kittne (byu the way he is a boy) is only in 2 pics he looks like my other c\female tabby named sugar and that is her playing with my finger! I guess my mom mixed them up the only difference between the is tiger has more whitr and has a odd white j on his back!!!  ;D

well tht kitty is so very cute!!

HHHMMM!  I made a mistake ont eh kitty's, my daughter. please forgive, is much like me and quick to correct! She will be getting her own "handle" and participating in bigpaws with supervision next week.  She left today for bible camp.... :'(  I miss her already!  Here is a pic of Aidan with the baby...


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