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Loss of Bladder Control


Maia is 4 and half now.  She was spayed at 1 year old.  She has been diagnosed with hormonal incontinence and is now on medicine twice a day for the rest of her life.  Do other mastiff owners have this issue or have you heard it is common with mastiffs.

She doesn't even realize that she has left a nice big wet spot on the floor or in her cage.  But with one little human baby and one on the way we noticed quickly.  The medicine quickly resolved her issues as long as she gets it religiously twice a day.

Spay incontinence is common in lots of breeds of dogs, not just giant ones.  I have never had a spayed dog who didn't have it.  My springer was on medication her whole life and my caucasian is on it.  She's only 1.5, but has absolutely no urinary control without it.  She dribbles as she walks constantly.  Luckily, with meds, she is able to hold it for 4 or 5 hours, but no more.


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