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« on: March 21, 2005, 12:28:44 pm »
I guess I will be the first to post regarding GSD's... I have been in the breed for 36 years. I started off with the German lines and did Schutzhund, S&R, obedience, trained for a couple different Sheriff dept for K-9 patrol, Narcotics & bomb detection. I since have gone into the American lines. Ihave been in the AKC show ring for 7 years, not winning the first 3, :o LOL). I have since finished several. I only have boyz...leave the breeding to others as I dont do well in trusting people in regards to letting them take one of my babies.
I also have min pin's & I.G.'s that I show. As well...I have Belgian Horses,(you want to talk BIG PAWS!!!  ;D) I hope there will be good discusion on health topics and so on as well as healthy "debates".

Lynn Knapp
Illusion Kennels
Eastern Washington State