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Nanook Just Had Surgery

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Hey guys!  My Husky had surgery last week on his leg - there was a lump removed.  Tests are being done to see that it's not cancer.  It was about the size of a golfball, and unfortunately because of the area it was located in (on his elbow)  the stitches busted open and now there's a pretty big gap about 1 1/2 inches across that's now struggling to heal. 

I had the option when the stitches came apart to put him under again and have them restitch, or to just let the wound heal on its own, which the vet said with regular cleaning and keeping him on antibiotics would happen with no problems hopefully.  I chose for the second, since he's already been through so much already since I've got him (heartworm treatment, now this) that I didn't want him to go through anesthesia again.

My question is this - on Thursday, the vet took his bandage off and said I should let it air out...but I got scared because Nanook kept licking the area and yes, I had that umbrella thingy around his head, but he was so terrified of it, he stood in the same position for over 2 hours - he wouldn't even sit or lay down or eat.  I felt like I was abusing him lol., so I took it off and took him back up there to have the wound re-wrapped.  Should I take the bandage off and let it air out again, or wait a little longer considering the wound still looks so fresh?  Wednesday will be two weeks since the surgery - and I know the wound needs air to heal, it won't heal much under that bandage.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be well appreciated, thanks!   

I agree with you I would not have had him put under again.
Puck had surgery on his side and elbow for growths. He did not seem to mind the elizabethan collar. Poor Nanook-they are scary things. :'(
Is there any way you could get the bandage off when he is really tired and about to sleep.Then wrap it back up once he is awake.
Wishing Nanook a speedy recovery

He had a growth on his elbow too?

I've been so worried about Nooky because they've told me it's in a really strange area...

Yeah, he hated that thing!  He just stood there, with his head down, afraid to move, staring at the ground, for the longest time...I thought eventually that he would get used to it, but geez, after the 3rd hour I was not going to keep torturing him.  I even put out his favorite meal for him, and he turned his nose up at it.  Needless to say, as soon as I took it off, he was once again back to his old self and immediately ran over to eat his dinner lol.

Yeah, I think maybe at night I will start taking it off (he sleeps in the house with me at night)  and then when I'll be gone or at work I'll be sure to wrap it...maybe that'll work.  He acts to sensitive to it, you know?  I can understand, I'm sure it's really painful.  The day after the surgery, he walked, but his ears were laid back and his tail was between his legs...I knew he was in alot of pain so I had the vet give me some painkillers for him...that seemed to do the trick...poor guy.

You could try a bite not collar. They look similar to what we would use for a neck injury. I have never seen them in the stores, but here is a link to them. I have heard that they help. m

Puck had it in the area where they would get a callous from laying down. His was the size of a grape. It turned out just to be a fatty growth and the one on his side was cancerous but non malignent. WHEW. I was so worried about the stiches there too. It is a very awkward spot. His bandage kept falling off in the middle of the night with the cone on. The vet could not figure out how he was doing 
Puck tried to lick a few times after the bandage off but it was realy hard for him to reach his elbow so he just licked the front of his leg. Puck was about three days until he started to act like himself after the surgery. I hate putting them out. It took both my husband and I to take him pee. One had to lift his back end with the towel and someone had to It was like dealing with a drunk 136 pound man on all fours ::)
Keep us updated on how Nanook is doing ;)


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