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Running with a Husky


Hey Guys

Long walks are great.  It gets all that energy out of both dog and person. 
Tell you SIL to talk to her vet about the jogging.  I get so mad when I see people jogging with their large breeds.  i was told it's not good on their joints.  I've seen people jogging with GSD's, Labs, etc. and I can just see a train wreck waiting to happen.  Vets have told me a few times that it's just not a good idea. 
But please check with the vet on that.

Since huskies were bred to basically jog at a quick clip, personally I think they should be able to start building endurance by 6 mo old or so.  if i remember correctly, Keiko was pretty much full grown by then anyway, just hadn't built up any muscle yet.

Of course I would not recommend putting them behind a sled at that age but jogging should be fine.  Huskies are a lighter breed that were bred for just that.  I would however have her hips checked previous to make sure they won't be a problem.

For a young puppy, short walks are best.  At least until they are properly leash trained.  And she should start right away b/c as you know huskies have a propensity for pulling.  I figure a couple of blocks at a time should be good until she gets what walks are all about.

By 4 months old, I was taking Keiko on mile long walks or though not every day.  By the time she's 6 mo old she should be able to handle several miles at a time provided her endurance has been increased.

I can't wait to see some pix.  I love husky puppies and all their fluffiness!

Newly Newfed:
What a pretty little Husky!  I want her!!  Huskies hold a special place in my heart, too, since I had so many during my childhood.

I feel a little guilty that I switched my first place love to Newfies...  As much as I love Huskies, it's all Newf, all the time for me now.

Tell you SIL we are very jealous of her!!!

Love the husky pup and I also love the new avatar!  Who is the 3rd brindle and how did you get them to lay together and look so cute?


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