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Merry Christmas BPO!


Just wanted to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours! ;D

Blake wasn't too sure about sitting on Santa's knee this year...so Eric joined him and Blake didn't take his eyes off the jolly old man in red for even 1 second!

Also yesterday I had my ultrasound and we found out the baby in my belly is growing healthy and strong...YAY! ;D We chose not to find out the sex...there are so little surprises in life as it is! ;)

Merry XMas!!!  the 13 hour day is finally over and the dog is primed and ready to cuddle.  A day off at last.  Hope everyone has a great day.

Merry Christmas to everyone on the BPO!!!:)

Merry Christmas to everyone.  Hope you all have a super day and a great New Year!

White and bright Christmas and strong wings to all your dreams in 2009!


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