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BPO Christmas Poem


I put this on my Christmas cards, but thought I would post it for those of you that didn't get a chance to sign up for the card exchange.

Merry Christmas from Kentucky & Derby

Santa has elves to make gifts for all girls and boys
But who helps the good dogs get all their toys?

Two Christmas Hounds, one yellow, one black
Help check off his list and load Santa’s sack

Bear’s a good role model, Grace loves to cuddle
Jackie, Charge and Chammie can’t resist a good puddle

Ruckus helps keep his brother Brannigan in line
Mattie, Lucy and Buddy have “loads” of good times

Farley can’t help himself, he’s always in trouble
But Rosie’s so sweet, her good points are double

Good or Bad, BPO dogs all bring great joy to their homes
So the Christmas Hounds fill their stockings with stuffies and bones

But the families are the ones who get the most every year
‘Cause BPO dogs spread the best kind of cheer.


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