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Thank you to our SS!


My Christmas has been very stressful to say the least! This is my first Christmas without my Mom. I have tried not to mention it when others ask me how i am doing when really i  just feel like crying. I have been snow plowing for 4 days straight with not much sleep that brings out the stress as well. Needless to say Christmas was over before it begin. Today Bryce and i finally got to his package which he has been longing for since the day it arrived. Thank you very much for his favorite treats and stuffed animal.The one he really loved a little to much was the X-Lg Moo Bone could not be taken away from him. For the first time ever he growled at me not once but 3 x i put him in the bathroom with the bone and could hear him working on it. I had to figure a to take it away from him so he didn't get in a fight with the other 2.So i opened the bathroom door and scared him he dropped it and i grabbed it. Well he won't be seeing his Christmas Moo bone for a while  :'( :'( :'(

Bryce and Marina


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