Author Topic: funny stories of our dogs...atleast to us.  (Read 1912 times)

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funny stories of our dogs...atleast to us.
« on: January 10, 2009, 08:16:05 am »
I will start this story was very funny to us and most people that know our Beau, but the Florida power guy probably did not think so (at first).

When we first moved to Florida (we are back in Ohio now). this happened my husband was at work and I was home, i was in the garage doing laundry and I heard Beau woof really load, and sound confused, so i stepped out the back door and looked and i saw this guy about to pee his pants, my first response was not ladylike and was "what the F*** are you doing are you crazy. I then called Beau to me and he looked very unsure, but he came and went into the house. I then found out that unlike Ohio the electric company in Florida can enter your yard anytime without knocking. Luckily Beau is friendly  and stayed back but the guy woke him up when he entered the yard through the 6 foot privacy fence. The really funny thing was that the guy had locked himself in the yard because the gate swung shut behind him and locked from the outside. The guy then told me the Florida law and stated there were not dogs there before or a 6 ft privacy fence, i responded that would be why the fence is there. Thank goodness we were home or we probably would have come home to Beau very confused and a meter guy covered in pee with the cops in attendance. After this incident we promptly put a padlock on the gate. in Florida Beau had free roam from the house to the back yard. Also after this incident the guy and his girlfriend went and rescued a mastiff, he was so amazed at beau and his temperament. And we talked about mastiff's every month when he came, plus he always knocked.
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