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movie review- Repo: The Genetic Opera
« on: January 12, 2009, 07:32:10 am »
Ok, soooo many of you, i can remember, enjoy some pretty sick and gruesome movies... much like myself...
Lastnight I watched Repo: The Genetic Opera... Its a full blown musical... Gothic genre... pretty good. liked the story, however not one word (so be prepared) was said, everything was SUNG.  the movie was about a company called GeneCo, which finances body parts for surgeries, ie. hearts, livers, eyeballs, brest implants, etc... and if people did not keep up with the payments, the parts were repossessed. So yeah the movie itself was good, if u like horrors, and musicals, check this one out...
Warning, Paris Hilton has a role ;) For any of you who do not like her, however there is a part near the end all you Paris haters will like lol   
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