Author Topic: Canine cystinuria and suppliments?  (Read 3767 times)

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Canine cystinuria and suppliments?
« on: January 15, 2009, 12:55:31 pm »
I am posting this in here for a friend.  She has the only chinese crested known to have canine cystinuria.  it is most commenly seen in mastiffs, newfoundlands and scottish deerhounds.

B/c of the disease, he has to stay on a very restricted diet.  And b/c of that, he has been on vitamin and mineral suppliments.

Here's where my ask for help comes in.  Just yesterday it was found out the suppliments she was buying was discontinued (due to improper dosages).  Her vet is on vacation for at least several weeks.  The vet office has been of no help to suggest something new. 

She was given a website, and did find a vitamin/mineral suppliment but not only is it very expensive to ship(american company, she lives in Canada), but it gives no dosage amounts that she can see (it is a vet products website, we do have a mutual friend vet tech seeing if she can find out any more info on the product).  The shipping time can be up to 9 days (for east coast, doesn't list  canada).  She only has b/t 4-6 wks left of her current suppliments.

Is anyone familiar with this disease?  And if so, do you give vitamin/mineral suppliments to your dog?  And if so, what do you give?  The diet she feeds him are homemade recipies off the Royal Canin website.  Mostly pasta (filler) with a little bit of meat/veggies.

So if anyone has any info or suggestions, she's open to it.