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Mix breeding on purpose what are your views?

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When me and my boyfriend were looking for breeders of giant breeds in my area we found a breeder that constantly mixed her dogs. I'm not gonna say any names and I love mixed breed dogs if it was an accident and the owner knows that but to keeping mixing dogs and charging pure-bred prices seems a bit wrong to me. The breeder I'm talking about started as a Saint Bernard breeder and still sells registered saints but she now also has her saints, a newfy, a great per., and a old english sheepdog. She constantly mixes and matches her dogs and sells the puppies for $400+ a puppy. Her last batch she had puppies that were 6 months and no buyers so she had to lower her prices. Yet she keeps popping out more puppies. What do you think about this?

Not a fan of hap-hazard breeding, but $400 is not a purebred price. Most purebreds of these breeds run upwards of $1000.

Hate the practice no matter what she charges.

She doesn't sound like a responsible breeder to me.  If there were a reason she was doing this, that's one thing.  But if she's mixing and matching constantly like you say, then there is no rhyme nor reason to it.  And that is wrong on so many levels.  >:(

Viking Lady:
I'm the wrong person to answer.......b ut I'm gonna anyway.

I love mutts. I had a lab/collie mix who was wonderful in every possible way. My three oldest kids grew up with him and he was everything from a protector of them and our property, to a big pillow that they laid on. But, now some people will hate this, his mother was a collie and his father was a yellow fellow down the road. It was a natural event.

My daughter has a puppy that she paid $$$ for and I can't even remember what the little guy is. It either ends with poo or tsu or doodle. I don't know. But this breeder did the same thing, mixed 'em up. Seems weird to me.

She charges 600 for limited registration on her saint bernards and 800 for full registration. Her mixed breed puppies she sells for 400. I just think its irresponsible. And she keeps getting/adopting more giant breed dogs to add to her mixing/breeding group.

Don't get me wrong I love mixed breed dogs. Both of my current companions are mixed. But they were not planned litters. They happened and then the parents were fixed. But to keep breeding different breeds to each other constantly doesn't make sence.


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