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I think im going to pull out my hair, i found another breeder started asking the questions you know all the formalities before getting to close, and excited about puppies, and ask to see the pedigrees of the dogs shes planning on breeding and THEY SHARE THE SAME FATHER does anyone else see a HUGE problem with this?!  ayayaya!
..onto the next


This is actually very common and called "line" breeding.
Many breeders do it to keep certain traits in their lines and for some other reasons. Depending on how strong the lines are I wouldn't discount the possibility of getting a puppy from that litter though many people consider it "icky" really the only one that I know that is strongly frowned upon is full brother to full sister but that may only be in newfies.

i think we humanize this kinda thing...but i still wonder how natural and healthy it is too.  Grace's sister's sire is closely related to her...maybe an uncle or something.

Oh la la, this is why i'm not a breeder :D
I think its exactly what i'm doing like Lin said, humanizing the situation.  Are there any specific questions i should be asking the breeder regarding this topic then?
Thanks for the input guys!

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Here is a great article if you really want to learn about genetics  :)



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