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palpate for puppies


a breeder friend of mine (owner of jigsaws 'husband') has asked me to post this here, to see if someone can help her, and answer her questions...

--- Quote ---I'm wondering if anyone has experience with palpating for the more "heavy" breed  puppies.
I have read up on it but its always different with a Bull Terrier off course (we breed these).
Its way harder to get thru the muscle tissue as I tried it yesterday with my Toller friend.
She palpate her Tollers (Nova Scotia Duck) all the time when expected to be pregnant.
They have a Toller bred at the same time we mate our Bullie girl Naphta, and I could feel the Tollers babies.
Very obvious there,felt like chestnuts for sure.
Her belly is softer,mushy more tender.
When we tried palpate Naphta we couldnt feel anything by gentle pressing.
And we didnt want to harm the possible embryo's.
So to make a long story short:

Does anyone know what day(s) would be the best to palpate,
with what success rate and in what position would be best to palpate a more Muscular breed in.
Any advice will be much appreciated
--- End quote ---


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