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How long does it take for adult coat to grow in fully?


Tucker will be a year old on Feb.27, and hubby and I were wondering about his fur...

He has lost his downy puppy fur a long time ago, but we are still waiting for the long, thick BMD fur to appear.

He seems to have quite a bit of it around his head, on his chest, and a patch right above his shoulders.  That part sticks up so much hubby is calling it Tucker's "shark fin" because that's what it resembles.

His tail is filling out, his haunches are filling out, but his sides and up on top of his butt seem to not be growing/filling out at all.  His fur is short there, and almost still has different texture.

Is this normal? How long does it take for the average BMD to come into their full adult coat?


Well, since I've got my first berner now, I can't really say a good answer to this. Sammy is 1.5 now, and I'm not sure whether he's got his full adult coat, but I'd guess yes. However, looking at pictures of other berners he definitely is a little on the less-massive size, both in terms of his actual height and weight, and also I think his coat length. His fur is a bit more wavy/curly than some berners', and perhaps that makes it stick a bit closer to his body. I was watching the berner section of the westminster dog show online, and those dogs do look to be a bit fluffier-coated than sam, though I guess a whole lot of brushing might make that difference!

The first pic is Sam fairly recently, and the second shows off his curly coat- especially prominent right after a bath. He was about a year old in the curly pic. The other two are when he was a bit younger! So maybe this will give you an idea of what his coat is like.

ok, one more post: I'd love to see some pictures of Tucker!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man!! I call Sammy "little man" or "small man" all the time, and boy does everyone think I'm crazy. But hey, he's still smaller than me, if only by a little!


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