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Re: irish wolfhound query...
« Reply #15 on: July 26, 2005, 05:23:20 pm »
springfield, mo. I found a kennel/breeder about an hour away, but the more I researched I found out that this lady had problems with registering and a lawsuit (?) brought against her for animal treatment/conditions. Aside from that I think that she might have a puppy mill, to a degree. whether or not the puppy mill idea is on target, I'd rather not get a puppy from someone whose had problems treating their animals properly (I'd hate to get a puppy, get attached and then it dies two weeks later because of whatever reason)...If I don't end up going for a purebred I'd rather go to the Humane Society and find a mix that I can give a good home...even if I do that there aren't very many mixes around here (I went to the Humane Society today out of curiousity and asked how frequently a dane or wolfhound comes along and I was told about once every ten years...this lady had only seen, I may end up with a dane from a breeder (I think a dane breeder is closeby) or a mix from the Humane Society (if I can find one)...I've found IW breeders in Kansas City and St. Louis- both are three hours away. it would certainly be worth drive. I'm still in the research phase and am caught up on the IW's...I've heard nothing but great things about them...when I look at pictures they all seem to have a personality that fits me...time will tell...thanks.

 ps. finn looks/sounds like a pretty good dog...seems like you're lucky...


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Re: irish wolfhound query...
« Reply #16 on: October 12, 2005, 12:36:08 am »
Hi Matt..
I know this is very late coming since you originally posted in July.. But we have an Irish Wolfhound and soon will have another.¬  We bought Sullivan from a breeder in May.¬  He is 2 y/o now and delightful... He is affectionate, loving, family attached, loves people but is a little leary of children and their quick movements.. We have a 9 y/o who he has become comfortable with. (I do not believe this is a breed thing but that he wasn't socialized when young)
The breeder we bought Sully from is expecting a litter in November.¬  If you're interested, you may email me at and I can put you in touch w/ Annie.. Better yet, here's her website¬ (I hope posting this is permitted)¬  The¬  big gorgeous gray brindle is our boy, Sullivan.¬  This litter is Winnifred and Finnegan as dam and sire again.¬  Sully isn't of this breeding but was purchased in Tennesee.¬ 
Back to the breed.... I have had labradors for 20 years... We got two Cairn Terriers a year ago... but I missed having a larger dog.¬  We researched and fell in love with the IW's.¬  They are all that has been said about them.¬  Absolutely the best dog breed I've lived with.¬  They are large but not rambunctious.¬  They're calm and don't require too much.¬  Sully is walked (30 minutes) twice a day..and we take him to a field on occasion to let him run.¬  He loves his walks and really lets us know if we have postponed it longer than he wants.¬  He does a little hop dance and "tells" us it's time!!!¬  He is gentle w/ our Cairns, my daughter's teacup chihuahua and our cat.¬  I really cannot say enough nice things about IWs.¬  I hope to have many many years of enjoyment with our IW pets.
We are expecting to bring home a female from Winnifred's litter.¬  and years down the road we hope to breed our Sullivan with Winnie's pup.¬ 
I hope you have found yourself with a Wolfhound and if not, give Annie's site a peek.  Good Luck!!

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Re: irish wolfhound query...
« Reply #17 on: December 09, 2005, 11:31:22 am »
I fell in love with the Irish Wolfhound some years ago!  They are the most wonderful breed I have ever known.  We currently have a male we call Chewie (he earned his name!) and a female Scarlett.  We had our first litter of puppies September 17.  They are so amazing! Once these dogs become a part of your life you cant imagine every living without one.

They are a very old breed, and yest the Great Dane is a decentant of the Irish Wolfhound.  This large loving breed is wonderful with children and other pets, even the little ones!  I love to watch my big boy Chewie play with my sisters little dogs, it is so funny!

They love to run, but like to sit on the couch and watch tv with you most the time. 

Here are some of my pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

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Re: irish wolfhound query...
« Reply #18 on: December 09, 2005, 01:46:05 pm »
OH, no!!!  I want one!  They sound so much, in personality, like Newfs!  Big old loveable, huggable goofs.  I gotta stop reading about them, and for heavens sake!  NO MORE PICTURES!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Re: irish wolfhound query...
« Reply #19 on: December 10, 2005, 12:52:19 pm »
Matt,  I may be wrong here, but I think it's the other way around.  Great Danes were originally bred with Irish Wolfhound.  I think the IW is the older breed.

I believe that the Great Dane was bred from a Mastiff, a Greyhound, and an Irish Wolfhound.