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Feeding my Husky


Baby C:
Does anyone have any suggestion about what brand name I should pick to feed my Husky. She really dislikes Royal Canin. I tried another kind after that (forgot the company name)she started loosing her hair big time and had trouble with diarhea :-[ and gas:o. We used that kind for about three weeks and then changed to Science Diet. We have been using this for about a month and she still as allot of gas:o but no diarhea. Should I be concerned? Her hair lost as slowed down but she never lost hair before. Someone said to me that huskies seems to have better results with a mix of Lamb and Rice. Any feed back would be appreciated.

I had a Malamute & Siberian Huskey and I fed them both Nutro. I have to admit my Malamute ate alot of table scraps too and he lived to be almost 14. They both had very thick coats and gas. I will warn you that in the spring when they shed it's awful. There is hair everywhere. Quinn would look like he lost 10 pounds after we got all the winter coat brushed out.

Well I donít know how much it helps but my brother has two huskies (well had till 2 weeks ago when he had to put the oldest down she was 15 and really ill) and the youngest Arnie who is 2 almost 3 now has always had problems with dog food and so my brother started making his own with ground turkey, potatoes (sweet and other regular potatoes) rice and cooked carrots, etc.  I know its time consumingÖ but he does work full time (2nd shift as a manager for Honda) and go to school full time so he makes it on the weekend and then puts it in the fridge when he puts it in the bowls, he mixes in some extra water to make it like thick soup. Arnie didnít throw it up at all and after the first week he had no more diarrhea and now the dog is healthy and happy. There are some good recipes online (try google and put in recipes to make homemade dog food).  Also there are some vitamins and supplements.  My mom feeds her dog Missing Link and mixes it into two rounded table spoons of cottage cheese (which she feeds the dog once a day for calcium and other nutients) and she gives him chicken jerky chews for teeth and gumsÖ. Just some suggestions to balance donít know if any are helpful ;)

steph and "veli"

I have a husky/shep mix that takes after the husky side almost completely.

I fed her Science Diet for around 7 yrs and she did excellent on it.  Coat was actually the best I've ever seen it, good weight, healthy.  The chicken/rice did give her alot of gas so we stuck with the beef and lamb varieties.

But once I got Gunther I wanted a better food for him. I like to keep everyone on the same brand (if I can) so they both were then switched to Nutro Natural Choice and she did great on that one as well (she was on the senior formula by then), boy did she love that food.

We switched foods again this last fall and she's now on Evo........alt hough once Gunther's food is figured out we may switch again (Evo didn't work for him).  I love her poops on this food, they are hard little nuggets.  Not that her stool was bad before, but it now comes out in a little ball form rather than a few lincoln logs..........  ;D

She does have a bit of gas on the Evo, but she's always been a gassy gal.  I think her gas was the best on the Science Diet once we figured out not to feed her the chicken flavored one.  Her coat actually is not that great on the Evo, surprisingly, but she is almost 11 now so that could have something to do with it.

Baby C:
Trust me I totally understand the Lincoln logs thing. I wonder sometimes if when she gets bigger I will have to go on walks with a box of black Glad garbage bag. She still not that big and you should see what comes out of her.....
Thank you for all the advice guys. I already have started to search a few things, to follow...


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