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Soo glad I got Miss Naja groomed yesterday!


Got Naja groomed yesterday, spend roughly $35, that's not too bad.  Today I figure it's cold enough out that it shouldn't be too mucky at the dog park.  Well was I ever wrong!  The park was a giant mud puddle, Yuck!  But there's no point in turning right around and coming home once we're there, so I let them play and get muddy (Makes me glad leather seats just wipe off nice and clean).  Bring them home, get them dried off, luckily the dirt just brushes right out of her coat, she still smells nice from the groomer.  Well I was sitting at the computer, not paying attention, and Moo starts yipping at me, so I follow him, and sneaky Miss Naja has let herself out of the house!  The little witch has figured out how to open the sliding glass door that leads to the enclosed patio, and also how to open the patio door leading out to mucky cow poopy farm land! YUCK!  I see her still in the yard, so I try calling to her, offering all sorts of yummy snacks, but she doesn't buy it, off she goes into the calf pens! EWWWW!!  I throw a coat and my boots on and give chase, I catch up to her eating calf sh*t and hay **which she loves but always throws it up about 12 hours later**.  She knows she's in trouble, but she will NOT drop that one juicy ball of poop and hay, and she takes off.  Anyways, by the time I finally get her home, she's got splashes of mud and poo all over her and now deperately needs yet another bath. 

Oh well.  I'm gonna bath her in the tub this time, it takes me twice as long as the groomer, and we make one heck of a mess trying to clean her up, but $35 is $35 I guess.

Haha! Great story. Well, I'm sure you were not laughing at the time it happened, but I sure enjoyed reading it! Those calf poopies though, they are just too tempting for our doggies, are they not? ;D

Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, ;D Funny to me, so sorry for you.


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