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Have I Lost My MIND????

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So after the issues we had with Boudreaux two weeks ago (all which seem to be working out ok), there is going to be a new addition to our family.  I have wanted something small for awhile now, a lapish kind of dog...pug to be precise.  WELL...hubby went home to visit family in AL last week and the ex-wife has a husky puppy that her new hubby got her in November.  See where this is going?  Yea, she isn't a dog person and is needing to get rid of her registered Husky already.  So Big Daddy will be returning to Cornfield h*ll with a Husky pup.  Lap dog?  nope.  But  I guess that is ok, we are keeping a pup from going to the shelter and that is where he was headed.  :)  I've been reading up on them but anyone with experience, feel free to send any tips/hints/knowledge my way!  I appreciate anything you can tell me about the breed. :) Oh his name will be Comrade and he will be here tomorrow!  Wish me luck!   

My chow was pretty hard headed too.  Hubby says you can call this pup and call him and he just does his thing.  He is starting obedience training today.  LOL!  I appreciate your hints and thoughts.  I will post more photos, however as the ex's hubby is a photographer, they won't likely look as good!   ;) 

that face has an adorability factor off the charts.  That's nice of your hubby to help his ex by taking her dog.  nothing worse for a dog than to live with someone who is not a dog person.  you're doing a wonderful thing.
Pugs are very cute!! I thought about getting one once, but i didn't want to deal with the eye and breathing issues they tend to develop.

Congratulation s !

I'll always have a special place in my heart for this breed , I was owned by one for six years , he was my best friend ! His name was Willow and he was a red & white also , only with golden colored eyes .

I got him in Alaska when my Dad was stationed up there . Willow's sire ran in the Iditerod , so he came from really strong working lines .

I found him very easy to teach tricks to . Very snuggly and easy going in the house . GO - GO - GO when he was outside , he used to love to just do circles around our house . Over and over and over again ! LOL He was pretty good at coming when called but I would never have trusted him off leash anywhere without a fence .

We really found a great outlet for his energy when my Mom bought him a racing harness and I started taking him out on bike rides . I never once had to pedal , just let him jog ahead of me , pulling me for miles . He learned left and right , stop , slow down , go faster , etc . It was so much fun !

I hope to have a sled dog team in the future when we finally get our place  :)

You have not lost your mind, because he is TOO CUTE to pass up! Goodness is he ever! I have no experience with Huskies, but have to say, I've always wanted one!


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