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Urgh this lady is driving me nuts! (Angry rant about intentionally mix breeding)

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Ok so I had a post on here before about a lady who is mix breeding her dogs constantly on purpose. Well she's at it again! she is now no longer  mixing just pure-bred dogs together. She used to mix and match her Saint bernards, pyrs, newfies,and old english sheepdogs. Well now she added a new addition to her group and is breeding him as well. He is a Doberman/Pit Bull mix. She is breeding him with her other female dogs and just put a new page up stating how excited she is about her new litter. She bred her Saint Bernard with the Doberman/Pit Bull mix! And she's boasting about how cute the puppies are >:(

Yea I agree. And she still has puppies left from her last mix litter that she can't get rid of. She is charging 250 for her newest litter and she ussually charges 600-800 for her other 50/50 mix litters. I think she does it for money.

ugh. I will never understand why people actually *choose* to do this... Having to rehome accidental mix litters, or striving for a new breed, or to reduce the health issues of certain breeds, sure -but even then, it is usually done responsibly... this just sounds stupid and merely for profit, and that's stupid >__< breeders should put their puppies first, and this is very clearly not the case here... so it's very annoying... what's worse, you really can't do anything about it, other than trying to talk people out of encouraging her to continue her *business* by purchasing her puppies...

Hybrids are fine for cars but no way for dogs!! If you want a mix there are plenty out there needing a home. To do that on purpose!! UGH! Is there anyway some authorities could be contacted for any kennel violations and maybe shut her down?


--- Quote ---Is there anyway some authorities could be contacted for any kennel violations and maybe shut her down?

--- End quote ---

I was wondering the same thing.  Is there a limit on how many dogs you can own in that area? 


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