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Now & Then... Lucca and Co. recent pictures :) pic-heavy


Hi everyone,

I'm finally able to post some pictures... I've just been super busy (potty training baby at work -I guess she's a big girl now, and then Olive [the cat] came home after a month of being missing! so it's been a lot of vet visits since he came back wounded and super skinny! but is actually healthy and recovering and gaining weight like a champ!), but I finally got some more recent pictures from my camera and phone :) so here we are! this is how the kids look these days!

1st off, all three kids in formation -from eldest to youngest

the boys -last pictures taken of Olive before he went missing for over a month

this is Lucca now -showing off my tacky zebra print blanket!

and Lucca then!

posing for mom right around his 1st birthday -I'm always worrying he's too skinny! but I also want him to do his growing up on the slender side... but I don't want him malnourished! so conflicting!

playing at the park with a Pyr mix!

with big sister Frida! oh I love them <3


more cuddles now

and cuddles then...

and some Olive last week for good measure -doing kitty yoga while recovering

he wants me to leave him alone, but we're all happy he's back home!


What a wonderful buch you have there! I cant NOT belive how big Lucca is!!! What a hansome young man!!! I am glad Olive is home safe and sound.
 I love the cuddle pictures....Th anks for sharing.... :-*

Lucca, OMGeez Bubba!!  They grow so fast. Im glad to see that Olive is home and recovering.
Great pic's, I especially like the pic's of Lucca and freida cuddling.

Oh My Goodness!  He's so grown-up!!!!

Great pics!

What wonderful pictures, he is such a handsome boy!
I'm so glad that Olive made it home, I would have been worried sick if that happened.


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