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It's a girl....AGAIN!!!

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Yep that's right all I adopted Aurora on friday. She is a total sweetheart! Such a gentle soul. Her story is a heartbreak. She was beaten by her breeder/owner. She had four litters each litter was only 1 pup. She was 5 when she had her last pup which was this last August. She lived outside in a pen & was going to be put down since she didn't have big litters. Then when she was rescued she was spayed and almost died-couldn't stop her bleeding. But even while she was laying there she would wag her tail when the rescue petted her. She is such a happy girl now. An angel in the house unattended and loves Athena & all the kitties. She sleeps in the bed with me & Athena. She is a perfect fit for us and we are so glad to have her. Being 5 and due to her situation could not have the gastroplexy when spayed I do worry that I might not have her for years but it really doesn't matter. She is a fighter for life - she has proved that. So we are going to love her and make the rest of her life the best she has ever known!!

People Whisperer:
What a sad story she has behind  :'( SHe is a lucky girl to be in your family. I am sure she will make you very happy  :) Congratulation s!

Welcome to your forever home Aurora!

Awwww, that's wonderful. ;D

Awwww sounds like a total sweet heart! Thank you taking the time to show her how much you care!
NOW can I PLEASE see a picture of this Angel?!?
 :-* Lots of Love  :-*


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