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My "Family" is getting torn apart... :( I dunno what to do... ((LONG))

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So...as most of you may know, I moved back home with my Dad about 6 months ago...the only dog I could take with me was Monty.

I trusted the ex would take care of Ramses and Roscoe, he's more than capable, and I know he loves them both to death.  But since our split, Ramses has been acting up.  I'm not sure if he's thrown off by Monty and me not being there anymore, or if the "call of the wild" woke something up in him... anyways, Roscoe and Ramses fight almost daily, and Ramses has been leaping the fence daily.

Last week, Ramses jumped out, killed 2 of the neighbor's chickens.  Then Roscoe decided, he didn't want to be left alone, and bulldozed through a portion of the fence.  (This is all while everyone is at work)  So, Roscoe is running around in traffic, Ramses is getting chased down by stray dogs, and the neighbors call my ex telling him "your dogs are out, we're trying to catch them for you"

Roscoe goes to the next door neighbors, and has a seat on their front porch, and takes a nap.  Ramses gets caught by Animal Control.  I get a phone call from the ex, saying that he got fined by the city, Ramses is in custody, and Roscoe is sunbathing at the neighbors.

Fast forward 3-4 hours...I'm frantic, my hair is falling out, my boss wont let me leave work.  Another call from the ex- He doesn't want to get Ramses out, he wants to call a rescue to come pick him up, he doesn't want to deal with the liability anymore.

I was sooo upset...as soon as I get out of work, I rush over to the house.  Roscoe is home, and I convince the ex to go pick up Ramses...and give him another chance.

This past weekend has been a lot of fence reinforcement, and building a new kennel...until the boys get into another fight.  The ex has decided, Ramses has to go... :'( :'(  He refuses to spend more $$ on him. 

I feel so bad, and irresponsible. ..I had this conversation w/him before we decided to keep Ramses. I told him, "you realize he's part wild animal, we're going to have to jump through hoops to keep him stimulated and happy.  If anything happens between you and I, you're going to have to take care of him because I'd move back to Orange County, and they have strict laws against owning a wolf-hybrid."

I wonder if I take him...and crate/kennel him...is that cruel? He loves to run and pace...he can't stand being confined, but I have to do something...I wont let him go... :'( :'(

I'm so sorry, Audry. You must feel so helpless and heartbroken. I wish I had something to offer, but my experience with a wolf hybrid is not good. I know there are a few people here who have them and hopefully they can advise you better.

My experience, and others I have known, and the vets I've talked to, all seem to agree that as the wolf ages, he reverts more and more into a wolf and wolf behaviors. They are beautiful, wonderful animals, but my personal opinion is it would be very hard on him to be caged and perhaps even make his problems worse.

I would look into some rescue groups that deal specifically with wolf hybrids. They will know what is the best placement for Ramses where his wolf needs can be met and he can live out a long happy life.

I would take this on myself and not depend on your ex. Sounds like he is ready to wash his hands of the whole affair and could sign him over to the shelter. The odds of a wolf hybrid being adopted there would be very slight.

Good luck to you and I will be praying for a happy outcome for all concerned.  :-*

Audrey, I am so feeling your pain right now.  I just had to rehome our chi today to keep her safe.
I hope everything works out for you and Ramses.

 :'( :'( i know you guys are right...I'm just so heartbroken, I feel really irresponsible. ..I hate myself for not being able to do something for him.  I'm going to call a lady at a pitbull rescue in Ventura County.  She owns a few wolf-hybrids that she trains for movies (Jungle book, those were her wolves  :)) I hope she'll be able to take him, and she gives them phenomenal care and love.

Gawd, I feel so awful...my poor baby...I'll keep you guys posted with whatever happens-thanks for your advice and wonderful words

I'm so sorry! I just saw this, you are in my prayers girl, you and your family! I want to say that you are doing the right thing in finding a rescue for him! In fact, I think you're giving him more love then a lot of people give their animals, by doing this! Be proud of your decision, he ended up with you for a reason, and maybe that reason was for you to end up getting him into a rescue! Are there any such things as sanctuaries for these guys?


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