Author Topic: What age did your English Mastiff first go into heat? Advice?  (Read 12544 times)

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What age did your English Mastiff first go into heat? Advice?
« on: February 28, 2009, 07:20:30 am »
I have a few questions for you guys with female English Mastiffs.  First, when did they go into heat for the first time?

Second, what input do you have on what to do for this situation?  Our "baby" is coming up on year in mid March.  Our vet and several other people have suggested letting her go through two cycles or so before spaying so that she fully develops first (that was said with the understanding everything would be handled responsibly).  Although she's almost a year old, she still seems pretty puppyish to me at 100 lbs (her mom was 170 and her dad was 250 . . . both very healthy muscular dogs).  I care more about her health than size, but that seems like an indicator to me that she still seems to have a ways to go before fully developing (I hear they're technically puppies for the first two years?)  Anyway, I am a little worried because my husband and I are moving this summer, but first we will be in temporary housing for 8 weeks in another state, where we won't have a yard, let alone a fenced area.  Right now our place is pretty small and she's so much of a lap dog that our walks to a local park seem to be about all she needs exercise-wise anyway.  I'm not worried about her being in a small space because I know we'll get out a lot.  However, I'm starting to worry that she'll go into her first heat while we're there and I won't be able to handle it!  I don't know much about this, as she's my first female dog.  How hard is it to handle the first heat, and what did you do?  I just can't imagine her with doggie diapers and a giant cone around her head . . . but that sounds like a lot of blood and the place we're staying will have cream carpet.  Since she hasn't gone through her first heat yet, I'm wondering if it's due any time now.  Is there any way to tell?  What do you suggest we do to prepare?  Is it smartest just to have her spayed before the move?  I've heard arguments on both sides of the spay-neuter argument, and really I just want what's best for her health.   Or should we wait and just cross our fingers it won't happen during those 8 weeks?  Has anyone dealt with an English Mastiff in heat in a small place?

Thanks in advance! 

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Re: What age did your English Mastiff first go into heat? Advice?
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2009, 09:08:25 am »
I don't know at what age mastiffs go in heat but I know that some dogs go in heat very often, like my girl, which is every 5 months! Yes, it's not the best experience people can have. Female will smell A LOT (read stink!) and it is a lot of blood and many pampers to be changed. If you are going to spay her anyway, it doesn't sound like you are ready for all this  :-\
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Re: What age did your English Mastiff first go into heat? Advice?
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2009, 10:35:02 am »
Well, I can't speak on mastiffs, but my little rat terrier went into her first heat at 13 months.  lucky for me, she has them every 7 months, and we are expecting her to go into heat again in a month or so.

And I agree......... ....if you don't plan on breeding her, or showing her, I would suggest spaying her for her own safety.  Especially since you will be in a new, strange area with no fenced area around.  I have a fenced in yard, but Posey always goes out with Gunther during her heat cycle so I am full warned if another dog approaches (has yet to happen but I like to be prepared).

It is messy (Posey once started her heat on my lap  ::)) and a big PITA.  Course doubly here for me b/c I have a male too  ;) .............b ut we have a system worked out here.  Her first heat cycle I was like you.  In a new place, out in the country no less, and no fencing.  I was constantly concerned some male dog would somehow wander onto my parents property and start a fight with my other dogs over her.

Its up to you, but in your situation I would probably have her spayed before you move.

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Re: What age did your English Mastiff first go into heat? Advice?
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2009, 11:09:54 am »
I was wondering the same thing a couple of months ago and posted this thread -

Everyone gave me a lot of great advice.  I decided to get her spayed because as a first time dog owner, I didn't want to have to worry about watching her every move and cleaning up.  I was worried about whether or not it would affect her growth plates and my vet said that it would be marginal - possibly a little bit more leg. 

I wasn't planning on breeding - I just want a healthy dog.  I think that there are a lot of other things we can do to make sure we have a healthy dog - being careful with what we feed them for one and no long walks/jumping . . .

Hope this helps a bit!