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I picked up my little girl yesterday. She made a 6 hour trip in the car with me up to see my fiance, and she was a total angel. No potties in the house yet, she crates fine, and loves to have play time and then sleep! So far she's the most laid back, relaxed pup I've ever had, although she's only all of 9.5 weeks old! :D
I'm estatic, and think I picked the perfect new family member! Mr. Gilligan is enjoying my in-laws as their new dog! Here are pictures of "Daisy" and Gilligan!

...does anyone know how to make it so her eyes don't look like this?

And....Gilliga n

Awwwe, she seems like a doll and she looks like a Daisy.  :)  Glad to hear she's transitioning well.  Just wait a week or two though and I'm sure you'll see the lab come out in her.........lo l.  ;)  And it's wonderful to see Gilligan again.  Glad he's doing so well at your future in-laws.  :)

Aw, daisy is a cutie... Glad she is doing well. and also, glad to hear Gil is enjoying himself :)

Okay, I can't find it, sorry.  But I think she keeps a gallery of pictures of eyes and just copy and pastes a decent pic over the glary one.  I've tried using my computers red eye thinger and all it does is turn my guy's eyes a funny colour.

Thanks SO MUCH everyone! I am just loving her, and Gilligan is the apple of the in-laws eye, and even though they don't know a lot about Newfs, I feel glad that I can help them!
Ready to be bombarded with Daisy pictures over the course of the next few days? :D


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