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Lucca at City Park -Denver, CO


Just a few of pictures, because Lucca and Frida went for a longish walk at city park, which we very rarely visit because it includes a few lakes and that means goose poop, and dogs love to eat goose poop, so yeah... But I thought maybe Lucca would be grown-up enough to understand how much I disapprove...
Turns out, Lucca just doesn't eat poop... Frida, however, has always been a different story and I have to keep an eye on her! But now I can't wait for summer! Lucca wanted to go in the water so much, but I didn't let him because it's still very cold! but once it gets warmer, it'll be so much fun :D

on his bed waiting for me to figure out what to bring... I just liked this picture, crappiness and all

sometimes, he looks almost like a responsible grown-up ^__^

the hardest part of photographing Lucca is that as soon as he realizes I'm sitting/kneeling on the ground, he wants to sit no my lap and cuddle, so I keep getting blurry pictures of a turning/running puppy!

reflection of yours truly and the dogs while waiting for the light to let us cross the street :) I like crappy pictures like this -I don't know why!

AND some Olive wearing his e-collar!

Butts Mom:
Where did that little puppy go? My has he grown into as handsome boy.


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