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Leash training
« on: March 04, 2009, 03:56:31 am »
Okay so Cooper hasn't quite figured out the leash. We just started walking him on it and unless Chance is leading Cooper doesn't do so well. A friend recommended the Halti which totally threw Cooper for a loop. He hated having it over his nose and would try walking while pawing at the Halti. Whenever he would pull and it pulls down on the face he would face dive at the ground and wrestle with his Halti. So I decided to stop the torture and say the Halti is a no go. My husband has always leash trained with chokers but I'm not a fan. Chance trained just fine on it and is great on a leash but I can't do it bc Cooper will just pull and choke himself. Any tips or advice? What have you used? Has any one been successful with the dog harness? I found a harness that looks good but don't want to use it if that is the wrong thing for OEM.
Chance - yellow lab 6 years old
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