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Oh yay! Let the shedding begin!

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Rewind to this afternoon and I decided to give Lola a bath and try to get some of the saliva stains off her legs. I get everything ready in the tub and call Lola. Instead Bubba runs and jumps into the tub. Hmmm ok well then I guess he's first.

I had already used the furminator on him twice so I wet him and lather him up.. regardless I'm still caked in hair. I finish rinsing him off.. the water isn't going down. I'm thinking the screen is clogged.. NO stupid me forgot to put the screen in the drain to catch the hair. I clogged the drain err Bubba did! :D I get him out of the tub cursing the entire time, dry him off quickly and shooo him out of the bathroom and get out the drain cleaner. It took me over 2 hours to clean the bathroom, 3 bottles of drain cleaner and an a straightened coathanger to unclog the drain. :-[

So while I was messing around with the drain Bubba is running around the living room and kitchen. The fact that he's soaked and shedding like a wildebeest didn't cross my mind at that moment. Until I walked out there. He must have rolled and rolled and rolled on the carpet. He seriously didn't miss on inch. There were chunks of hair all over the kitchen floor and because he was still quite wet the water helped his hair stick everywhere he shook. There were even chunks stuck to the fridge and stove.  :o

I gave up after that and never even bathed Lola. LOL

hahahahahahaha haaaa!!!  I'm sorry Lyn, I'm laughing WITH you trust me!  Miss Naja is a never ending shedding machine!!  I cannot let her out of the bathroom until she is at least 90% dry, otherwise our mostly dark furniture is like white shag!  ::)  Also we keep Liquid Draino constantly on hand, we use it about once a week (with 3 long haired women and 1 long haired dog, we have to). If it helps I'd offer to come over and help you clean it up.  ;)  :D

LOL! I didn't even finish cleaning it up. :P After all I still need to bath Lola. :D

But.. I did clean the bathroom after I unclogged the drain, then I swept wet hair from the kitchen floor and wiped down the cupboards and the appliances while cursing like a sailor! LOL The carpet and the furniture look horrid or should I say harry, LOL I hope we don't have surprise company. :P

Thank god he couldn't get to the beds.. The doors are kept shut for that reason. ;D

Thank goodness we're not the only ones who buy Liquid Plumber by the case!   :D  Thanks for the coat hanger tip though!

Hope you found time for an adult beverage after it was all over!! 

I know what you mean! that wonderful time of year is upon us again! I am having terrible allergies -because apparently I am only allergic to my big dog when he's shedding like there's not tomorrow... to think we have to do this twice a year!

Personally, since I live alone and my bathroom is teeny tiny, I've just decided to give up on attempting to bathe Lucca myself... instead, in about a month's time when he's due for one again, I'm taking him to a groomer to have a bath... let them deal with it!


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