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I'm looking for a Great Dane/Mastiff mix. Does anybody know where I could find one? I'm having a very time locating a breeder!! I read somewhere that it is a newly recognized AKC mixed breed, so I guess the fever just hasn't caught on yet. But if anybody know any breeders that breed them, please let me know!!!!

Well, I don't know where you got your info from, but they are def. NOT an AKC breed, and won't be anytime soon.

As for where to find one, I'd look on petfinder.com.  that would be your best bet..........a s most "breeders" of these designer breeds aren't breeding for the betterment of the breed.

Wow- I didn't know all of that stuff!! I read some stuff on how the mixed breeds were better because the pure breeds have a lot of genetic problems. I would honestly appreciate some advice on what kind of dog to get. I knew a Great Dane/Mastiff that was a really sweet dog, so that was what my husband and I were wanting to get. But I don't want a poor quality dog, especially if I'm going to pay hundreds of dollars for it! We're wanting a large dog, short haired, not super high-maintenance. We want it to be part of the family, so we won't be using it for breeding or showing or any of that sort of thing. It's going to be our baby. What would you recommend we get? We are very newly married, and so this is our first dog together. And I don't personally know a lot about what is out there. We had a couple of rescues when I was growing up, but not ever one that was researched and chosen by us. So please let me know what you think. I know that a lot of it is opinion, but I am really open to any suggestions!!! Thanks!!!

i'm in idaho! i looked at the one rescue that was recommended, but they didn't have what we're looking for. we want a young dog so that we can raise it the way we want it. my sister got a dog from a shelter and it was the worst experience ever. he was i think 3 years old. so we definitely want a puppy. i would love some help finding one!!! the more i look into all of this stuff, the more i realize that i don't know much about it at all!!!

And just keep in mind that giant breeds mature more slowly than other dogs so they are still very much the puppy at 1 and even 2 yrs old.


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