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A bit'o Daisy!

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Here are a few new ones of Daisy! I still need to work on perfecting my camera skills, but boy is she growing!

"No really ma, I wasn't goings to consider eating this here box."

"Numnumnum, don't mind, numnum, me, I ain't do nufin!"

....I must say cardboard boxes make nice inexpensive toys, and Daisy sure seems to think she won the lotto whenever she gets one! I may be asking for trouble though  :D

Daisy is such a pretty girl!  I hope her chewing stage ends faster than ours over here.  We're still chewing machines at 8 months old!

What a sweet little face! I hate to say it but it took several years for my labs to get out of the chew everything up stage!! :o

Haha, thanks all! So far she really is not too bad about the chewing, if I say a stern no, she stops right away and meanders onto something new. She's also good with her 'drop it' command, although, we'll see what happens when she decides to start and test me! :D

Awwwe, just look at that face!
LOL @ her loving boxes.  can't say I've really had one of those......... .although Keiko used to LOVE empty pop bottles.


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