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Big Dog or Little Tractor? LOL!


A bit of both actually, but to a farm girl, this pic just makes that tractor look even smaller!  LOL!

He does make the tractor look smaller.
Handsome boy.  :)


--- Quote from: Julie on March 11, 2009, 08:52:27 am ---OK Teddy is like SUPER DUPER HANDSOME! He totally makes that trailer look small-----ish! hahahhaa! Love the pic!

--- End quote ---

hehehe yup he is one good lookin fella!

Gosh he's a looker! Being a farm girl, and a girl who can drive a tractor, I agree, he does make that tractor look a bit on the tiny side!

Butts Mom:
Teddy looks very handsome with his tractor.


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