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Grace made a friend


WIth the weather getting nice, I've been walking Grace a lot.  We're loving that, but need to work on our manners after a long winter of not seeing people. 
Today, we went out to trashbag central by the's a weedy area we can get to through a broken section of fence off our field.  Today, this guy was walking on the complex side of the fence with his dog...we've seen him and the dog before. it's a black pit bull mix.  he looked and said hi and asked if the dogs could snif noses.  Grace stuck her head through the fence and the other dog sniffed a little too.  then he stuck his hand through and gave Grace a scratch.  She made a friend. 
of course, she growled when they walked away.  she doesn't like it when new people leave her.   I was just so happy.  this coming from my dog who likes to growl at anything on wheels, including school busses, and lunge at joggers, since anything running that fast must be running FROM something requiring her to apprehend them. 
It's going to be a good spring and summer with Grace.

Good girl, Grace!!! 

No.  he's married.


Oh Grace who wouldn't want to be your chew toy!


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