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Yay Ursa!


We're starting our new class next week (were supposed to start last week but the trainer was sick).  The trainer sent us some homework to practice on since Ursa and I are actually beginning with class #2.

One of the things to work on is having your dog stand with its front feet on a stepstool and then move the back feet only.  I wasn't too hopeful about this one because Ursa's heard "four on the floor" every day of her life!  No Pyr pawing allowed here!

Well, it took 5 days AND some bacon but Ursa finally stood up straight with her feet on the stool!  I'm doing the happy dance!!!   ;D

She won't move her back feet yet but that's okay.  She's slowly training me to enjoy the journey to a new skill as much as the end result.   :)

*Does the happy dance with you* Way to go Ursa girl!


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