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Some Daisy for you all today...


Here are a few more of Daisy!

...the spots on her tigh and tummy are from the sun, she's not missing any hair! 

"Is there something in my toofs?"

My *new* favorite pic of her!

I just like how black she is here....

shes such a doll Chantel! what a lovely lil girl!
sending lots of kisses her way

Thanks Jodi, and I'd like some more Repo please. It's been a couple days, not cool Woman! ;)

lol sorry, been really busy lately... i only took ONE! can you believe it. ONE new pic of him today... lol with his 'auntie marg' *our dog trainer*

Awwwe,Daisy is such a cutie!
I love all the pix.  Black and dark colored dogs can be hard to photograph but you seem to have captured her perfectly.  :)


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