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Update on my Mastiff/Boxer Pups


This is from Lisa Milo and Otis forever home!

Hi Marina,

I just thought I'd like you know how the boys are doing. You can pass this on to their Foster Mom, Jan as well.

Both Milo and Otis are doing just wonderful. They are loving, smart and obedient puppies. They seem to live to please! They are doing great with the housebreaking. Already know to go to one certain spot in the woods!!!
They are fearless when it comes to meeting all of my other animals. The goats are too sure of them, but Milo and Otis LOVE them and run around the yard with them. The cats have reluctantly accepted them and so have my other dogs. The chickens are a huge tempation to chase, but listen when I tell them 'no'.
The horses are just as curious of them as the puppies are of the horses. It's very cute.

They went to the vet last Friday and have gained 4 lbs in a week!!! The puppy food I am giving them is for large breeds, but seems to be too much too fast for them, so I have to mix it with adult fo! od. They are growing too fast and it is causing Milo to have contracted tendons in his front legs.
I am keeping a close eye on it and he has his legs massaged several times a day to help relaxed the tendons so he can still run and play comfortably.
These are two very LOVED boys and we are having a blast with them. Thanks so much for everything!

By the way....if you happen to run across any young dogs or puppies that are Bassett hounds or at least part Bassett....I have someone who would just love to adopt one! Very nice couple that would give it a wonderful home.

Take Care,

- Lisa

LOVE good outcome stories!!!!  And those pups are just too cute!  I would love to see pics of them with the goats and horses.


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