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Grace HATES joggers


If you jog and come across someone walking a big dog and you've seen it from a distance, do you...
a.)  stop and assess the situation
b.) slow down and walk cautiously
c.) keep running toward the person and the dog throwing caution to the wind.
Tonight, the jogger picked c.
This lady was jogging tonight and I had bent over to pick up a little pressie Grace left in someone's yard.  I didn't see the jogger coming.  I stood up and started tieing the bag when Grace started doing circles.  I realed her in on her leash and got her to back up from the corner (the danger zone at which you have no way out.)   The jogger kept coming.   Grace was practically doing cartwheels now and making it hard to get to her to make her sit and mind her manners. Luckily, Grace wasn't snarling or barking, just leaping at her like she wanted  to visit the lady.
Finally, I told the lady in no uncertain terms "Will you give me a minute?"  She said "Oh, sorry."   Sorry my butt.  She's done this to me before. 
Instead of stopping and staying out of the way till I could make Ding Dong calm down, she just jogged around us in a wider angle than if she had just skirted around the corner. 
I was so mad.  Yesterday, Grace saw several joggers and didn't make a fuss over any of them but one.  Just once, I'd like someone to respect that i'm trying to stop this behavior and give me one minute to get Grace in a quiet sit so I can reinforce the manners so this stops happening.     

Can't blame Grace - I don't care much for joggers either! 

I understand your frustration. I have to say as a Triathlete and runner that I always slow down and walk by people with dogs because you don't know how they will react. Or what they are working on. I have the same problem with people that just zoom by and give no room and I have a puppy I'm trying to train not to give chase. Most of the folks I run with also slow to a walk by dogs. So it is not all of us.  :)I have a pet peeve about people sho insist on trying to pet your dog and let them do stuff you don't want even though you ask them nicely not to. I want Sam to be social but it's hard to teach him not to chew on people when they say "it's allright, I have dogs too" arrg...
I hope the jogger and runners in your area soon learn better. Grace, this jogger/runner will respect you and your parents space. And I'll tell others too.  ;D

Hey now, Ruthanna, we runner's take offense to that! ;)

I ALWAYS give the dog all the room it needs, and if I were asked to give Grace a second, I would in a flash! Then again, I'm a dog person, maybe this lady just doesn't get it?

You know I'm just jealous, Chantel!   ;)  I couldn't jog if my life depended on it! 


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