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Summer Hair Cuts

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Well, I haven't decided but was thinking about giving Tink a Summer hair cut.

Her coat is about 5" - 6" and I was thinking about cutting her down to about 2" - 3" for the summer, shaving her belly and between her toes of course too. She loves to swim and this spring has been so wet, she is already been a muddy mess and it takes hours to clean her up.

Any comments or advice? I so don't want her to look like a poodle when she is done, but need something more managable this summer. She is already starting to pant excessively and I think it would be more comfortable for her too.

I know we don't have any kom owners out there, but anyone have any experience with them. If she follows true kom coats, it will continue to grow her whole life. I really don't want it any longer than it is and think it needs to be cut this summer.

Let me know what you think.

If she has a double coat, the long outer hair is what will keep her cool this summer.  I wouldn't ever cut one of my dogs fur down, but I am a long hair freak on cats, dogs or people.  I also absolutely love brushing my dogs, so they get brushed everyday.  When they are blowing coat, other than sweeping hourly, I am in heaven.  I have a reason to brush them.  My dogs don't get excessively dirty.  Thank goodness.  I don't think just a trim would hurt anything if that is what you prefer.  I don't think a haircut is going to do anything as far as keeping a dog cooler though.

The hair would also provide a layer to protect Tinks skin from the summer sun.  But I think if you're leaving 2-3" that should be sufficient, and MUCH easier to deal with when she goes swimming or rolling around in mud.  ;)

Saint and Mal mom:
I give my Saint a summer trim; mostly on the back of her legs, her tummy, and a little off the sides and top. Much cleaner when she gets in and out of her baby pool in the summer, but the others are right; just leave enough fur to prevent sun burn and I think Tink will be fine and look good too!

I just left Petsmart and a lady was leaving with her Pry that had just got a summer cut and she was beautiful!  The left her tail full but maybe 1/2 of hair...Her ears were trimmed so pretty.  She def looked like a little lady!


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