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Oh Bear! =)
« on: March 25, 2009, 02:55:49 pm »
Bear is on a serious diet to lose weight to help him out with his terrible elbows & hips and so he is very restricted with what & how much he can eat. His whole life he has been the most trustworthy dog. We can leave whatever food out and know that he won't touch it. Well....yester day was another story.  ;)

I left a little bit of food out on the table from dinner the night before- a small piece of chicken, a little rice, and roll. ( I know, I'm lazy & decided not to clear off the table but since we rarely eat at the table I didn't think it was a big deal  ::)) Anyhow, I come home from work and look at the table....and see an empty plate with a small trail of rice leading to one side. I look at the table, look at him, look at the table, look at him. He puts his head down in shame and I laugh. Then I called Michael to make sure he didn't make the mess. The I loved my hungry boy and laughed some more. What a thief!

I can't believe he ate the food but it made me feel so bad because he was so hungry he couldn't resist the temptation.   :-\ So, I've upped the veggie fillers in his bowl and am hoping for the best.
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