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Hello Everyone,

We have a 2.5yr old fawn female Fila Brasileiro coming into rescue tomorrow. She'll be spayed next week and after that she'll be looking for a good home.

If anyone in the Arizona area is looking to adopt a fila this girl would love a new home.

So far what I know about her is she is good with cats, good with male dogs and will tolerate other females with proper introductions (will probably be better at this once spayed.) she is house broken, crate trained and knows some basic obedience (I will be working with her more on this.)

She also has a moderate temperament and will need a family who has done their research on the breed, I'll be happy to help anyone truly interested in the breed learn more.

I will have pictures tomorrow. Also one of Kaylee's (Our youngest fila) brothers is looking for a new home. He is currently up in Washington state but we've plans to have him transported to Arizona in the up coming weeks.


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