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new to Aussies....can I teach him this?

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Gloria C:
OK....adopting an Aussie....he's extemely smart & very well trained.....bu t also kinda goofy ; here's my question....
I like to you think it would be possible to train him to dig the holes for new plants (no, not big holes, little ones for things like pansies)?  And, if I do that, am I asking for him to dig holes everywhere in an effort to continue to 'help' me?

Gloria C:
hhhmm.....any size hole would do.....just didn't want you to think I was having him dig ditches LOL!  I know he'll grab new plants and/or potting soil if he decides he wants attention while you're gardening (his curr. owner told me he'll take them far away from where you're working :D), figured if I gave him a job of some sort, he'd think he was helping & getting the attention he wanted....... ;)

I love that face, he's very cute. I'm sure he can dig holes, it just may be interesting where you have to randomly plant the flowers. Then he might be upset that you filled in his hole and now he has to dig it out all over again. ::) ;D My dogs don't dig much, but my Jack Russell will drop toys in holes I am digging while gardening so that I have to throw it for her.

Gloria C:
yeah, it was his face that got me....I swear he smiles! and as for him having to re-dig a hole....never thought of that!  and it's funny ::) ;D...I'm thinking maybe I need to re-think this entire hole-digging thing.  maybe I can train him to bring me the flowers instead of hiding them somewhere..... .

My guys dig on command.  They love the winter, since they can dig to their hearts content.  They're not left out in the yard by themselves though, so extra digging has never been a problem.  I don't think I'd recommend it if he's going to be in a yard by himself, he might take matters into his own hands.  lol 

Though you could try giving him a sandbox and teach him to dig in that maybe?


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