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Sophie and Binky-why no one visits us....

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Here are some recent pix of the crew and why no one likes to come over to our house :)  Actually, now that we're not living in the middle of no where, we have had a lot of people coming over and Sophie can be a little more affectionate than people expect.  My dad was visiting and ended up with quite the lapdog (see pic below).  As you can see, Sophie has grown up a LOT!  And yes, that is my son in a dog crate.  Leo loves to hang out in the crate and also licks people-hmmm, maybe we need to socialize him with humans!

Looks like Heaven on Earth to me!

That's quite the couchful, no wonder your son has to sit in the crate. ;D

Hey why is your house so neat and clean .... where do those dogs really live?

The picture of your father is priceless and the one of all the pups on the couch is great as well.

Randy and Harley

Love the pictures!

Although I'm wondering the same thing - why is your house so clean?  Where are the tumbleweeds of fur???


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