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Jodi and the pack:
Here are a few more pics of little Remy.  From her first pic I got some comments that she might not be full leo...which only makes me love my muttso that much more.  I was just hoping that maybe you would have some guesses as to what she might be mixed with.  Then I could at least keep an eye out for breed characteristic s, temperments or, most importantly, health issues.  It also could be a fun guessing game!

By the way...we love our new home here at BPO!  Thanks for the welcome.


Being that she's from a mill who knows what she is mixed with.  Her size is small for a leo of her age but that is to be expected.  I'm so glad she was rescued!

The AVERAGE weight for an 8 week old pup is 20lbs and they gain an average of 3 lbs per week.  You can see a few good examples of 12 week old leos on google images to compare with.  I notice the muzzle and ear size are not quite leo-ish.  And her coat is just a wee different.

I have no doubts that there is Leonberger in there and you say her mom was a Leo.  I always ask that people check to see if they have webbed toes.  I don't think you'll ever know what breed the sire is.  No biggie.  She's cute, happy, and healthy.

Have fun!

dog lover:
Here are a couple of pics taken when troy was 10 weeks ......... and some now taken aged 10 months  :)

I dont know much about breeds other than my own lol , but i think your little girl looks a little like she has some akita in her, i know the tail is wrong just her face & eyes just make me think akita maybe with a leo .... but like i say really i have no idea lol

She is a little stunnner whatever she is  :)

If you check my profile & go to my web site i have lots of pictures of our leo's  :)

dog lover:
akita pup pic


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