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Afterbath fun

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People Whisperer:
I have been so busy traveling and getting ready for a big event that I totally lost track of what is going on here   :( ::) I hope everyone is doing well and pups are thriving  :) :-*
Here are new pictures of a Princess Lily after a big clean up when mom got back  ;D I think she loved it...I think  ??? :D


Give me patience

To deal with mommy

But clean is good  ;D

Missed you guys  :-* :-* :-*

Yay Lily you look so beautiful! Your Mom must be very proud of you and she did a good job. Nothing prettier than a clean and fluffy pyr.

Lily is so pretty!!

What a big fluffy diva you are miss lilly! ;D :D

Miss Lily, you are the picture of Pyrfection!  How is the little momma doing anyways?  BTW, the first shot is my fav!  Silly Beautiful girl!!


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