Author Topic: Best giant toys  (Read 13912 times)

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Best giant toys
« on: November 15, 2008, 09:54:08 am »
Alright, I'm doing my best to keep shelby entertained (with things she should be entertained with; not my sons toys) we're good with a frozen peanut butter king, a rope ball, of course playing outside with any ball that won't break (tuff tennis balls don't last long; wubba kong rules!) but i was sure i saw some more challenging toys that would keep her attention but now that I need to buy one i can't find anything that looks like it will last.  Things either look too boring or too destructible.  so i'll pose the question.  what is your big dogs best toy?

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Re: Best giant toys
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2008, 10:15:21 am »
Well, mine all like stuffies, but if you have a dog that destroys things, they won't last long.......... .lol.

We use kongs at work.  The black ones are the toughest.  The tire type toys are pretty tough too.

Mine also go thru periods of liking rope toys.  You just have to make sure they aren't eating the remnants.

A good homemade toy that I used to make for Keiko (she was a big toy destroyer) was made of socks with holes in them.  I tied a bunch together and would just keep tying them back on as she ripped them off.  She loved that and I didn't care if she shredded it b/c they would have just ended up in the trash anyway.  And no...........s he never bothered with my good socks.  In fact she didn't like individual socks at all.  Once they were off the main part of the toy she just left them there.  ;D

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Re: Best giant toys
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2008, 03:53:49 pm »
Have you tried a treat ball?  That would keep your pupper entertained and busy.

Ours really seem to like the rope toys too.  Our Pyr doesn't much care for hard rubber items but our Newf likes those best. 

We just bought one of the Fat Cat toys - we got the Mean Kitty one.  I've seen good reviews on them for big dogs.

**had to edit this post because Mr Mean Rotten Kitty has already suffered a traumatic ear amputation.  guess there's  no toy that mine can't kill.
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