Author Topic: 2 pits need help Haddaock, GA  (Read 2362 times)

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2 pits need help Haddaock, GA
« on: April 14, 2009, 01:34:47 pm »

This was sent to me by Nikki Lyster and her rescue group please read Thanks Marina

The two pit bulls that were taken in the Jones County Cruelty case desperately need a home.  We thought that we had a home lined up for them and it fell through.  GiGi is a the female and Bull is the male.  I was called to go to the home and see if I could help these two dogs in early Feb.  The two dogs were on runners in an L shape.  GiGi had a barrel for shelter, but it was held in place by two cement blocks that she could not reach.   Bull had nothing to provide him with shelter.  The neighbor, the lady that called me, told me that the two dogs would get tangled up all of the time and no one would come untangle or feed them for 3-4 days at a time.  She also told me that they laid outside with no shelter through the heat, rain, and snow.  Bull was very skinny and GiGi was not quite as bad.  The water that they had to drink was in an old cooler and the water was green and slimy.  The dogs were very friendly.  I walked over and untangled them and even looked at their teeth.  You could count every rib in Bull's body, along with every other bone he had.  Even his eye bones were sticking out.  GiGi had blood on her side because of dermatitis.  She had started eating her tail off.  I called the police, who came out and had the dogs taken away.  They were taken to animal control and a week later they were finally taken to the vet.   By this time, they had each gained about 6 lbs.  The vet gave Bull a body scale of 1.5 and GiGi a body scale of 2.5.  The body scale of a healthy dog is 4-5.  These dogs were in animal control for a total of 25 days before being released to me.  I had 3 days to find them a home or they would be put to sleep in the shelter.  I found someone willing to take them in, but because of transport issues, the rescue fell through.  These dogs have been spayed and neutered, have had all of their shots, and are both heart worm negative.  They showed no food aggression to each other and seem to be good with other dogs.  Please help me find someone that could take them.  I am so full that I have no pens open.  They do not have to go together, but it would be preferred. 
Please pass this along..  The dogs are at Gordon Animal Clinic in Gordon, Ga. They have been their for about 2 weeks now.  They need a home.  Please help me find someone to show them how life is supposed to be.  If you can not take them but would like to help out, donations can be made at Gordon Animal Clinic for the boarding fees.  It is getting costly.  The number is 478-628-5376.  GiGi and Bull are on the GARD account.
Thank you everyone for your help and concern with these two dogs.Thanks,
Nikki Lyster 478-932-5889 OR 478-538-8086
Haddock, Ga
Pictures available if needed. 

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