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Remy has a job


Jodi and the pack:
Remy is the only one in the pack that actually wakes up in the morning to help get the girls ready for school (Sophie and Ada choose to sleep in until around 9 a.m. when I'm back from taking everyone to school).  She spends each morning chasing me and the kids around just begging for some attention and a piece of the action, so we gave her a job.  While the girls are brushing their teeth I give Remy a pair of socks and tell her which girl they belong to.  For the first few days that kid would have to call her, but this morning Remy ran right to Brooke, dropped the socks automatically, got a few pats and some "Good Girl" loves and ran back to me for the next pair.  Then she got Gracie's socks and ran off to find her.  Gracie had actually tried to sneak back into bed, but Remy found her, dropped the socks and started barking until Gracie picked them up.  I think she would deliver socks all day if I needed.  And I know I'm going to jinx myself, but she has yet to run off with anyone's socks, play with them, or refuse to give them up.  Someday I may regret this little trick--but for now it's just too cute.  I've tried to get it on video, but Remy just starts posing and prancing for the recorder when I get it out.  You'll just have to settle for some pictures.

Awww that's so cute. Athena has it backwards, she runs off with mine!  ;D

Actually, what you taught her was perfect!  As long as she keeps getting "good girl!"'s and attention for bringing things to you and not being chased if she takes off with something then you'll have a retriever in no time!


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